Telluride Food Tours

Started by two food enthusiasts, the Telluride Food Tours was born with the aim of helping you discover and learn the secrets of the town’s best cuisines. Food and drink is an integral part of the travel experience, and Telluride is a food lover’s paradise. With restaurants that offer Thai Food to BBQ joints, there are enough options to satisfy even the trickiest of palates. Whether you fancy sampling sensational drinks and snacks, to the makings of a meal these tours are for you. The Telluride Food Tours provides you with an opportunity to, not only taste foods from the local hot spots, but as you meander from place to place the guides will fill you with stories of the towns past. With a focus on some of the local favorites, these wonderfully energetic tour guides will let you in on some secrets and share with you their favorite cuisine. These tours are wonderful for families and singles alike. I took this tour by myself, and never once did I feel alone or out of place. Throughout the night, we toasted, laughed and enjoyed the company of one another, as we discovered local secrets, and discussed the more cultural aspects of our beloved mountain town. With each stop, you are offered a specialty drink including wines, martinis, and even locally brewed beers, along with a tasty treat. At the cheap price of $65 per person, and up to eight on the go tastings, you should not miss out on this experience.

*The food tours can even make special arrangements for our vegetarian friends, but cannot compensate for any other food allergies, including but not limited to gluten-free, and dairy-free.

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For the Love of Fishing

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. – Maimonides

 At the River Club we are privileged to offer top-quality, fully-guided and instructional fishing trips with our very own Billy Hatton. Whether you are here on business, having a fun family outing, or looking for expert fishing instruction Billy is happy to accommodate your needs, and your specific fishing goals.  Lets face it, we all benefit physically and mentally from the serenity of nature, with local fishing holes and picturesque views, serenity is something that you will surely find. Fishing with Billy is private, and the scenery is mind blowing. With our trips varying from easily accessed creeks to remote river canyons, the Telluride area is an angler’s paradise, and offers a number of unique fishing opportunities. Upon your return, Billy will clean the fish for you to prepare to your liking. On this trip, Billy will provide you with transportation, all the fishing equipment necessary, and even drinks. With his insurmountable passion for fishing, Billy’s confidence as an angler is evident, and he makes it his mission to make your experience as fun-filled and enjoyable as possible while helping you to develop a love for the sport that is so close to his heart. Jump on in on the next trip, for an adventure that you are bound to enjoy. You will need a fishing license, which can be purchased at Telluride Sports for $9 a day.


“Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.“ Shakespeare.

The River Club is now offering their guests Yoga with Mitzi every Thursday from 2:30-3:30 at the Telluride Yoga Studio; which is great because the practice of yoga offers many opportunities to challenge yourself, your body, and your mind in a safe environment. It helps you to become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement, as well as, helps you to relax even in the midst of a stress sicken environment. With the spa-like setting you find in many yoga studios, soft music playing and an encouraging teacher urging you to follow your body’s intuition in a soothing voice, there is no better way to clear ones mind. Don’t be fooled however, yoga is not merely a woman’s sport. While women are beginning to discover the benefits of strength, men are discovering the importance of balance and coordination.

Yoga is a sport of versatility, which makes it suitable for beginners and experts alike. With a series of postures and movements that are designed to develop both strength and flexibility paired with various breathing techniques, yoga is a way to treat yourself right. Unlike strength training and fitness trends that leave you painfully sore, yoga leaves you feeling rejuvenated, limber, and fit, while helping you to prepare for the next challenge. It also helps those struggling with the altitude through enhancing cardiovascular ability, both lowering resting heart rate and making oxygen use more efficient.

Something that is great about yoga is that all you need is yourself. The Telluride Yoga Studio will provide you with all the necessary essentials, and customize your practice to fit your preferences and goals. With Telluride Yoga Festival now here, there is no better time to grab a mat, clear your mind, and experience first hand what everyone is talking about.

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Time to Raft

There’s no better way to experience the power and magnificence of an untamed river than from the relative safety and security of a raft. As you travel down the majestic river that was once the setting of an old mining community you are immersed in the unique history that brings the area to life. Skirting down this 8-mile stretch through the San Miguel Canyon, is a constant trill. With class II and III rapids, the San Miguel offers entertainment for beginners and experts alike. This river will throw you into fast paced splashes and adventure, with narrow waterways and rolling rapids, this experience is sure to leave you with a smile and story to share with your friends and family. As laughter fills the canyon while the chilling water splashes you and your raft mates, the birds accompany you in song. The San Miguel Canyon is home to a number of unique birds and other critters there is always something to be seen. The red rocks that frame the river, and the contrasting green forest make for a beautiful backdrop for your adventure. Here at the River Club we love to make all of our members as happy as possible, and make sure that they are making the most of their time. This is one of the best ways to do so. There is no reason to miss out on this unforgettable adventure. So grab a paddle and jump right in!

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Hiking with Bebe

Too often, people come here and miss out on the opportunity to explore the world around them.  Which is why we like to say,  “Hey, you, take a hike!”

On a hike with River Club Concierge Manager Bebe Blouse, you will see the San Juan’s unsurpassed beauty up close and personal. With the wildflowers in bloom and the colors constantly changing, it is always a perfect time to explore the forest. Because she is a 20 year local, Bebe is the perfect guide making sure to point out wildflowers and tell stories of Telluride’s past as you trek along one of the less populated trails. Hiking with Bebe isn’t just a way to get outside, but a way to learn about the history of our beloved mining town. Recently, we did the Wasatch Connection, which is a beautiful 8 mile hike taking you to the top of Revelation Bowl, and bringing you down to the San Sophia Gondola Station above town. Though this hike was demanding, Bebe made sure to go at a pace comfortable for the entire group.  Have a hike that you specifically want to try? Just put in a request, as Bebe would love to take you anywhere you would like to go. The beauty of the surrounding mountains is breathtaking and waiting to be the setting of your next adventure. Suitable for everyone, including your four legged family members.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Sign up at the front desk and get ready to explore the best back yard in the country!

Sunset Concert in the Mountain VIllage

Every Wednesday in the Mountain Village a free concert awaits you. Telluride has been recognized for its festivities for years now, often leaving our sister town of Mountain Village overlooked. If you find yourself standing on the plaza in front of the Sunset Concert stage, looking out at the surrounding forest and grassy slopes, one will surely not overlook this town again.

This unique concert has been a tradition for 11 summers now, starting the Wednesday before our beloved Bluegrass Festival and going until the end of the summer. The music is scheduled around the glorious sunsets that brush the mountain peaks with an irreplaceable array of colors.

Music lovers of all ages fill the plaza to bask in the music and partake in the social scene as peace settles over the village. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets, lawn chairs, food, and drink and relax while they enjoy a fabulous evening of sunset, music, and stars. My favorite way to enjoy these concerts is to grab a snack basket from Over the Moon and a bottle of wine from the Wine Mine.

Over the Moon is a fantastic little shop located right around the corner from Patagonia. Family-owned and operated, it offers an array of specialty cheeses and other treats that always keep me craving more. Not only does the shop itself have much to offer, the customer service is very personal. The girls there always treat each customer with the utmost respect, with best intentions to make you as happy as possible. They would be happy to make you a unique basket that can be taken up to the concert, containing a vast selection of specialty cheeses, prosciutto, homemade jellies and crackers. In addition to amazing foods, they have awesome knick-knacks that would make perfect presents for friends, family, or even a treat for yourself. This unique little restaurant is a perfect place to visit for a relaxing evening out, or to get everything you need for a picnic in the park.

Looking for a glass of wine to complement your basket of goodies? The Wine Mine is my favorite place to grab a bottle of wine. Not only does it have a wonderful selection of fine wines, including a few wines from our neighboring town Olathe, but also the employees there are extremely knowledgeable about their selection and never fail to further inform you about your selection. Last week I tried the Pino Noir from Garrett Estate Cellars located in Olathe Colorado. Olathe is the closest vineyard to Telluride out of the 75 that are scattered all over the state, and it has been said that their wine can hold it’s own compared to any other wines all over the world, especially for its price. If you are looking for a wine that would match either the heat of the day or the coolness of night the wine from Garrett Estate Cellars is on of the best around, which is crucial for our constantly changing weather in the Valley. Well, now you know my favorite way to enjoy the beautiful sunset concert in Mountain Village, please feel free to share yours!!

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Sean DeLand at the Members Party

Sean DeLand will be playing at the members party tonight! Don’t forget to join us in the Members Lounge from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm for drinks and appetizers.

Sean DeLand is an emerging “blue-eyed soul” artist from Telluride, CO. He is currently the lead vocalist and songwriter in the roots reggae/funk collective, funkdafari. Influenced by rock & soul music from the late 60′s and early 70′s, Sean’s music is reminiscent of The Beatles, Bob Marley, & Van Morrison. DeLand’s modern influences, which range from hip hop, to grunge, synth pop & neo soul have fans drawing comparisons to current artists such as Ray LaMantagne, Eddie Vedder, & Amy Winehouse.

Check out a quick snip of Sean’s band Funkdafari.


Festivarians are arriving and colorful tents are filling Town Park. Soon our little community will transform into a bluegrass mecca flowing with fans from all over the country ready to enjoy the sun and dance to the music as it echoes throughout the canyon. I hope you all have your tickets for this exciting festival.

As a kid I always loved to run around and try the vast amounts of foods that were available. The corn dogs were always my favorite, freshly breaded and almost too long for its stick.  They were pure deliciousness! Each cart was there to explore, filled with beautiful clothes, jewelry and fun nick-knacks. The older I have become the more I have learned to truly enjoy the music as well. At Telluride Bluegrass you are free to do whatever you wish.  You can dance like no one is watching, or consume a ridiculous amount of food that you normally would never be okay with, knowing that everyone around you is doing the exact same thing.

Telluride Bluegrass is not just for adults and teens.  There is a section specifically for children filled with crafts and music. Additionally, the Telluride Academy performs a play every year that is sure to thrill little ones, and don’t forget about the parade! With faces painted and the help of festival clowns, you and your children will march through the crowd becoming part of the show.

So bust out the sunscreen and enjoy the festival before the music leaves town!

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Telluride Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market is more than just great food and smiling faces. It is a chance for our community to come together and support our local producers, all within 100 miles of town. Whether you are looking for fresh ingredients for the nights dinner, desire to enjoy live music, or just take in the sights, this weekly event has plenty to offer. With 40-50 vendors covering five counties, you are always guaranteed the best products. Each vendor has something new and unique to offer; from delectable grass-fed meats, including buffalo, beef, lamb and elk, to fresh seasonal vegetables. No need to limit your selections to just food, at the Farmer’s Market there is a variety of different local artwork, jewelry and other handmade crafts. Have any questions? Don’t think twice about asking the vendors, they will always greet you with a smile and happily answer any questions that you may have. Our market is organized with the purpose of creating mutual benefits for local farmers, shoppers, and our community. Not only does it provide a large variety, it also offers the opportunity to build relationships and learn about healthy living. It is a unique experience where you can greet your neighbors, local farmers, and reunite with friends. Don’t be afraid to bring the children either; at the base of the gondola there is a Kid’s Booth hosted by the local library every week at 11am. Your children can get together, sing songs, and enjoy the sun while you shop. So even if you aren’t looking to buy, the Farmers Market is a sight that you must see, open every Friday from 11-4 on S. Oak Street just up from the Gondola.  Time: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM — Cost: Free — Website

Ride with Roudy Roudebush

     Want a way to enjoy a taste of the old west while also experiencing the full splendor of the San Juans? Riding with Roudy is the answer. Roudy’s rides are available for the beginner or experienced rider featuring wooded forests, wildflowers, river and waterfalls. As you explore the mountain on their guided trail rides, you may catch a glimpse of elk, deer and occasionally a bear or two. This unique riding experience will take you through the forest in the San Juan’s, so sit back and absorb the natural beauty of the area. The surrounding mountains make for dramatic backdrops, and the summer time brings wildlife you don’t get to see any other time of the year. Don’t be afraid if you are a new rider, because these girls are experts. Roudy’s experienced wranglers are some of the best around, and the love that they have for their jobs and the horses is evanescent. They are constantly pointing out beautiful landmarks, and answering questions. Through miles of scenic trails in the most spectacular country, you can imagine, riding with Roudy is the ideal way to view the beautiful mountains on horseback. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you meander along the vast system of trails. This unique experience allows you to take a step back in time and savor the raw, untouched splendor of the San Juans. Don’t miss out on this unique experience to ride with the only cowboy left in this town, who from time to time can be found on horseback in the Sheridan Bar. This year marks Roudy’s 40th year taking horseback rides and intends it to be his last.

For reservations and price consultations call Roudy’s barn at (970) 728 6911 or visit: